Rich Culture and Diversity


Queens, known with its rich culture and diversity, is one perfect holiday getaway. Thus we created One Fulton Square plaza perfect for local gatherings and events wherein both locals and tourist can enjoy and discover a lot more of Queens. Witness the artistic and vibrant concerts and Theater Plays from the local’s gifted and talented artists featuring cultural diversity.

Enjoy some cultural festivals showcasing the fun and vibrant parades and activities that will allow you to see the richness of the world’s different cultures. Have some fun and relaxation with your family and loved ones with some family activities one can do in the plaza. Satisfy your craving and have a taste of the world’s richest flavor from our wide array of cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops, giving indulgence to your palate, from main dishes to desserts and a different array of beverage which both kids and adults would love.

Available Shopsbuilding

Different shops are located in the plaza giving you time and choices to shop with, from clothing to goodies to gadgets, one can also say you can save money on electronics, and have convenience as if one is shopping in online shops like Lazada and Zalora. Different culture and different products to choose from, a different experience to feel and appreciate.

One may enjoy his or her stay as we aim to bring the community together through this plaza, through the vibrant and talented artists and performers, merry and festive parades, rich, diverse and flavorful food, quality and fun shopping experience, bringing the fun together making someone’s holiday a memorable and enjoyable one.

Experience The Culture

cultureDiscover the richness of the world’s culture with our merry and comfy One Fulton Square plaza. The plaza will give one, a cultural as well as modernized experience through its innovative facilities and outstanding modern technology giving also the convenience and worry less holiday experience. One may enjoy New York in a whole new different way. Enjoy and discover the world’s richness. Celebrate and have a hassle-free holiday. Experience modern and state of the art facilities in One Fulton Square through our different offers and coupons.