One Fulton Square: A Worthy Investment

Enjoy One Fulton Square luxurious amenities. Experience Hyatt Hotel atop of a three-level glass retail podium, and enjoy the expanse of a rooftop bar with its outdoor garden and indoor swimming pool placed on the top floor of the tower with a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. Whether living with your kids or whether just living independently, one will enjoy these amazing amenities.


Perfect Environment For You

As the project is the latest exciting development in Queens, we, at One Fulton Square, are focused in well-developed and well-managed estates. We aim to create a well-lived environment for the residents as well as a center for business for our clients. Giving our clients the most perfect investment and our residents the most perfect way of living. Helping and nourishing the environment by supporting every culture in the area, giving everyone a diverse but peaceful environment and respecting everyone’s culture and way of living. We, at One Fulton Square, perfectly designed every bits and piece of our Estates for the comfort and convenience of everyone who wishes to be part of our dreams and endeavor. Giving them satisfaction in every amenity that they will enjoy.

A Lot of Amenities to Discover

swimming poolOne Fulton Square is designed to be the center of excellence in the field of Estates, with our excellent and talented designers, engineers and staffs motivated in creating every detail a piece of art with a vision of legacy. Enjoy every amenity and feel the diverse and peaceful piece of art in the heart of Queens. An exciting and wide array of experience, discovery, and learning. Discover different and world’s richest culture or live with it. Also, different modes of transportation are around the area, may it be in air traffic, water transits, subways, high ways or expressways, mode of transportation will not be a problem in terms of the place’ accessibility. Discoveries, learning, accessibility, and comfort is one investment that one will never lose in. Enjoy all of these and save money on electronics by having some discount and promo codes or shop online using discounts. Live and enjoy the community in Queens One Fulton Square.