Dream Come True For You


Who says living in New York will be just and nothing but a dream? One Fulton Squares’ modernized and state of the art condominiums one can reach and make his or her dream come true. Enjoy its luxurious facilities partnered with an environment with one diverse but healthy culture, enjoy living in New York City at its finest. Located in Queens where a rich and diverse culture meets, giving everyone a fun way of living.

What You can Do at the One Fulton Square Plaza

Enjoy the different activities in One Fulton Square plaza, with its different gatherings and local activities, richly flavored and mouth-watering cuisines from different bars and restaurants and enjoy a one fun shopping experience for our wide array of shops. As One Fulton Square is located in the heart of Queens, convenience is not a question as different professional and medical offices were located in the area. Giving residents convenience in having everything they need, from health to shops to food up to the gadgets.


Get a Nice Cozy Feel Inside the Condominiums

Residents may also enjoy the condominiums’ exclusive amenities giving them a relaxing and peaceful experience. Whether enjoying the place for just a holiday or treating the place as a home after a long hour of stressful work, you can be sure that it will provide a haven of peace and tranquility. Who says one cannot enjoy a peaceful way of living in the heart of New York City? One can also enjoy some rental cars coupon code & discounts.

Enjoy living in the most culturally diverse borough in New York City. As one explores the facility one could also enjoy and experience different and fun cultures. May it be Asian, European, Indian or Latin American, diverse and too many as it may seem will be a fun way of living in New York, giving one an experience of the planets most amazing culture. Hopping and living in different cultures comes growth and memorable stay in One Fulton Square. Living in with your family where kids could enjoy a lot of activities or just living your New York City dream, you could have the most satisfying and well-lived way of life in New York City. Shop online using discounts and experience One Fulton Square.