Center of Growth and Development

With our state of the art and modernized facilities, we, at One Fulton Square, will play a vital role in the enhancement and growth of the surrounding area. Strategically located at Queens, One Fulton Square will provide outstanding facilities built in perfection for its commercial and residential estates. Committed to providing quality and secure facilities that most business companies would aspire to have.


Unique and Fashionable

At One Fulton Square, our uniquely and intricately fashioned condominiums are perfect for any professional and medical offices. Both office clients and staffs will enjoy our facilities which provide an optimal environment for productivity. As growth and perfect partnerships for our clients are the things we always have in mind. Giving our clients a helping hand in reaching their dreams and building their goals with us. With this, we also carry the desire in the building of Queens’ economy, helping the environment to be more developed and more fun to live with. We also support the place’s local transportation and one is through giving rental cars coupon code & discounts and the same by giving coupon codes on products for some of the local shops. One may take pride in working and living in New York.

Top Quality Serviceservice

One Fulton Square also has a 168-key Hyatt Place Hotel, ranked as the number one hotel advisor, One Fulton Square will be found at the center of excellence one will look forward in living and visiting in. Different luxurious amenities were provided for a grand experience one could have.

Luxury and convenience without compromising security are what we believe and where One Fulton Square is founded. As we thrive and aspire to be the center of growth and development our mission and vision were carefully rooted in securing the foundation of safety and security. Giving everyone a safe, fun and convenient way of living and a safe environment to enjoy and experience with. One Fulton Square believe that enjoying and experiencing our facility must be enjoyed by everyone. Thus, we provided discounts and promo codes, just visit some online shops like Lazada and Zalora. Hurry and visit these sites right now.