One Fulton Square offers a wide array of estates in helping you fulfill your dream kind of community through our residential condominiums or in helping you fulfill your business goals, may it be in food, electronics, hotel, medical or other kinds of industry, through our professional offices and spaces. We offer state of the art facilities and office condominiums that will give every staff a wonderful place to work at, thus, helping them to be more productive and motivated by our creatively designed rooms and offices.

For Tenants’ Use

We also give our tenants a strategic location in placing their businesses, be it a restaurant, bar, clothing shop or an electronics shop that is also perfect for the residents or tourists’ accessibility.

Our residential condominiums are wonderfully created to give comfort and provide a home. With our excellently and well-crafted rooms, we wish to provide a wonderful home for every resident.

Through our well-equipped and excellent engineers, to our artistic and creative designers, our hospitable and organized staff, we aim to create a wonderful and well-lived environment suitable for everyone who wishes to have an amazing stay in New York City. Located in Queens wherein a diverse and rich culture is located, one may enjoy exploring and living at the same time.

Tons of Amenities for Guests to Enjoy

Our amenities perfectly created for everyone’s enjoyment such as the plaza, expansive rooftop, outdoor garden, indoor swimming pool located at the top floor of the tower with a majestic view of the Manhattan skyline provides a relaxing and enjoyable activity perfect for ending a stress-free day and a wonderful holiday experience.

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